Pool & Spa Services

PRofessional Pool Service

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Vacaville, CA 95687

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Professional Pool Service standard swimming pool and spa service includes weekly spa and pool cleaning of baskets, nets, and screens.

We also include the necessary pool maintenance chemicals in all our packages - you will never have to buy basic chemicals again!

Full Service

Chemical Analysis​
Administer Chemicals
Empty Pump Basket
Empty Skimmer Basket
Empty Pool Sweep Bag
Remove All Dirt and Debris
​Brush Walls, Steps & Loveseats

Mini Service

Chemical Analysis
​Administer Chemicals
​Empty Pump Basket
​​Empty Skimmer Basket
​Empty Pool Sweep Bag

Installation & Repair

Pumps & Motors
​All Automatic Pool Cleaners
All Salt Chlorinators
Plumbing Leaks
Automation - electrical controls (high tech innovation in the industry, mobile controls.)


Pool Fencing

Additional services

Pool Cleaning Services
​Pool Repair​
Pool Maintenance
Pool Tile Cleaning
Acid Washing/Chlorine Bath​Remodeling Services
*Re-plastering Services
*Leaks, Cracks, Plaster Patching
​DE/Cartridge Filter Cleaning
Sand Changes
Grinding/Sanding for Calcium Nodules

*Quotes & all work performed by preferred partners​